Brittany Bruce Education


empowering our community with the knowledge and skill set to create frame-worthy images 

As a little girl, my dream was ALWAYS to be a teacher.
 Nope, not a photographer, a teacher. 

I graduated from SLU with my Bachelors in Education and continued to having my own classroom for three years in the Livingston Parish Public School System. 

I always knew my calling was to be a teacher! 
Fast forward 6 years later and here we are. 

Three years of pursuing my new found passion of photography and  USING that passion to COMPLETE that calling. 

I am so stinkin excited to share this amazing skill with you! 
Get ready. This art can be extremely addicting!

Meet your fearless leader

Photography 101 Workshop

Walk Through a Shoot

One-on-One Mentoring

I offer three types of in-person teaching

Photography 101  Workshop

where will it be held?

So excited to announce that our workshop will be held in the comfort of our own home in Watson, Louisiana!

 I designed our living area specifically for workshops, so you could learn in a comfortable (and beautiful) environment! 

when is the workshop?

We are hosting the workshop multiple times this year!

Saturday, April 13, 2019 (sold out)

Saturday, June 22, 2019 (ONLY 4 seats left)

is lunch provided?

Well of course!
Do you honestly think this cajun would let you go hungry?

Drinks, coffee, snacks, and a big lunch and dessert will be provided! 

what will we be learning?

To make the complex simple, I've divided the information into eight lessons.
1. cameras and lenses     
2. camera settings        
3. light               
4. exposure
5. aperture
6. ISO
7. shutter speed
8. focus

will we be shooting?

 The best way to learn is to practice practice practice! And a little bit more practice!

I will have couples and brides here to help us have something pretty to shoot!

This can be used to add to your portfolio!

what do i bring?

1. notebook/pen
2. camera body
3. your favorite lens (50mm 1.8)
4. sd card (in camera)
5. camera battery (in camera)

Saturday, June 22, 2019
9:00am - 3:00pm
My house in Watson, LA

Four Hours of Content
Portfolio Worthy Styled Shoots Indoor and Outdoor
Coffee, snacks, and lunch provided 


When is the last time you did something for YOU?    It's time to invest in yourself. 

early bird rate: $497

the next workshop will be announced
June 1, 2019

only 10 seats available

Your seat is secured with a


we are booked!
sign up here for the wait list!


Walk through a Shoot

April 7: Bridal Session at Arsenal Park in Baton Rouge

May 19: First Look and Husband/Wife Portraits at the Botanical Gardens in Baton Rouge

In my first year of business I sought after anyone and everyone to give me hands on experience! No one offered that around here!

 So I spent over $5,000 and traveled to Connecticut and over $6000 and traveled to Virginia to have photographers show me and teach me how to shoot, pose, find light, nail my camera settings, etc.. 

So now, I am officially EXCITED to offer this type of photography education HERE in an affordable way!! 

 I will be hosting a styled shoot with REAL brides and couples! 

I will talk you through how I prep the client before the session, what I do and say when we arrive to the session, and then walk you through an entire shoot!

 During the the first hour I will teach you about lighting situations, location options, posing (which is always a pain point for new photographers), making the client feel relaxed instead of awkward, and my manual camera settings!

During the second hour, I will be helping YOU achieve amazing shots, and practice posing the client!

 I will make sure you leave the shoot with images you are proud of and address any questions or difficulties you may be having!
 Once the sun sets and we go our separate ways, I still wont leave your side!

 The next day, I will send you a digital workbook going over everything we talked about during the shoot! You will also be a part of the Brittany Bruce Education Facebook group where you can ask questions, share photos, and get even more resources to learn from me! 

with Brittany Bruce


Each session is $297 per person.

This covers the shoot, teaching from me, take home images, and digital workbook.

Here is the kicker- I am only taking a small amount of photographers along with me for each shoot so that I can serve and teach each person individually.  

First come first serve basis and payments are non-refundable. 


yes! teach me your ways!

one-on-one mentoring
three hour intensive
professional headshots

one-on-one mentoring

Mentoring dates are limited so book your session TODAY. Sessions are booked with a $150 deposit. 

Join me, one on one, for a three hour intensive! 

This is for the photographer who wants their learning to be customized to their needs.
You can come to my house in Watson, Louisiana where coffee is on the burner 24/7.

Split the cost and bring a friend or business partner for an additional $200. 

You will also leave with professional head-shots to use for your website and social media!  

we also offer


yes! i totally need this!