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My Favorite Lightroom Hack

For Photographers

September 7, 2019

Alright friends.. There are about a billion Lightroom hacks that will save you time, but this one, by far is my favorite!! And lets be real.. it probably gets the least recognition!

Apply During Import

This feature lets you already have your preset applied to your image as they are importing into Lightroom!




This little feature is one less step you have to do to get your images edited and delivered to your client!

Its super simple!

And once you set it up one time, its done! You won’t have to worry about adding your import preset to your lightroom workflow again!


 Here is how you set it up!!

If you go to your Lightroom catalog, go to the Library Module, and click IMPORT.. on the right side you will see a drop down box that says “Apply During Import”.

brittany bruce photography lightroom hacks

Then you choose your preset that you use for your images and then when you import your raw files, your preset will then be automatically applied to every photo! Its magic!

So then when I go to the Develop module to start editing, my BB Preset is already applied, and all I have to do is crop, adjust the white balance and exposure and I’m done!

Its that simple!

Save you time, your sanity, and makes editing that much more enjoyable!

Can I get an Amen!?

And if you are wanting to get your hands on my preset, click HERE to check it out!

before and after in lightroom with the brittany bruce preset

I hope this helps!! And if you haven’t already, join our FREE Brittany Bruce Education Group so you can ask questions and become a part of our awesome community!

brittany bruce education facebook group



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