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My Two Biggest Secrets to Light and Airy Photos

For Photographers

September 7, 2019

I get asked this question ALL the time..

“Brittany, I applied your BB Signature Preset, but for some reason, I still can’t quite figure out how to get that gorgeous, light and airy look!! Can you help!?”

And every time I ask them to send me a picture so I can show them how to edit it to be light and airy, but there are always two things that I notice right away!

And no, it’s not their camera settings… it’s not their lens… and its not their crop frame camera thats the problem.

There is always TWO huge things keeping them from achieving the light and airy look they are going for…   

And the first thing is…


I choose my locations extremely strategically so that I can get the consistent style that I am known for!

I look for a couple of things…

1. LOTS of open space!

This could be anything from an open field where the closest tree behind my subject is at least a football field’s length away! Or a long sidewalk! Or a long driveway! You want to find a location that has depth.. so that you get that creamy, dreamy background behind your subjects and it doesn’t look dark and dingy! It’s hard to get that light and airy image with a line of trees right or dense bushes right behind them. If those locations are your only options because of light.. then pull them as far away from those things as much as you can, to create more depth in your photo!

2. Light colored/white walls!

When I go location scouting, I am looking for light, white, or pastels walls.. These colors are great for achieving the light and airy look! The LAST place I want to put my subject is in front of a brick wall or a tree truck. Those are dark and heavy, and no matter how much you try to edit light and airy in Lightroom, you wont get the look you want because of the dark and heavy background!

And the second thing to achieve light and airy images is…


This is another thing that I see a lot of photographers missing the mark on! They WANT to create these light and airy photos, but their clients are wearing deep, dark colors! Which is why I send a style guide to my clients so that they can let them know that neutrals, blues, whites, and pastel colors look AMAZING on camera! And it also helps me give them the consistency of my work in their images that they paid for!

You can get those guides HERE! They are simple templates you can easily tweak and send to your clients to help them show up to your sessions looking amazing! Which will help YOU achieve the images of your dreams!!

Use these TWO secrets in your next portrait session and apply the BB Signature Preset and notice a HUGE difference in the way your images turn out!!!

You can get that preset HERE!

And don’t forget to join the FREE Brittany Bruce Education Group HERE so you can ask questions on the daily or post some of your new work so we can help you grow!!!!

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I am so excited for you my friend! Keep working hard and serving your communities the best you can!:)



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