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One Camera Setting Secret (revealed)

For Photographers

October 14, 2019

Okay friends, you know I love sharing my secrets and hacks with you guys.. and THIS one is usually saved for my workshop attendees, because as simple as this is, it was an honest game changer for me!!

What is it you ask?!

brittany bruce photography educator in front of white barn in a garden


Its simply..

(wait for it)


What the?

Yes.. I know what you are thinking… THAT is why I opened this blog?

Yes friend.. Yes it is!

So, if you have the guide, The BB 3 Step System to Manual Mode, then you know that I like to have my exposure right at zero. Not over exposed, not underexposed. But exposed correctly. And we know that its exposed correctly if our tic mark is at 0! Right? Right!

But unfortunately, since I am a light and airy photographer I like my images to look a little brighter!

And Nikon’s version of properly exposed, is not my version… which is how my little brightness hack come in handy! Although I am metering to 0 and making sure my image is properly exposed, it LOOKS as what it will look like in the final image because on the back of my camera, the LCD is BRIGHT! Isn’t that somethin!

So, head on over to your MENU button, click down to the wrench icon, or SETUP menu, and go ahead and put MONITOR BRIGHTNESS on +5!

And here’s the flip side! If you are a dark and moody photographer, guess what you should do!

Put your Monitor Brightness -1! It will automatically give you that dark image right on the back of your camera!

And that’s it my friends!!! I hope this helps!! And if you haven’t already, join our FREE Brittany Bruce Education Group so you can ask questions and become a part of our awesome community!

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