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The ONE Light You Need to Shoot in as a Beginner Photographer

For Photographers

September 8, 2019

When you are first starting out in photography, you are learning SO much about EVERYTHING! Its a freakin lot!! Not only are you trying to learn this new machine called a camera, but you are also trying to learn light and posing and business and marketing and editing and I could go on forever!!!

So, if you are a beginner photographer lets take ONE of those elements and make it as simple as possible! SO that you can focus on mastering your camera first!!

The ONE and ONLY light you need to start shooting in as a beginner photographer is OPEN SHADE.

Thats it! Don’t try to figure out how to shoot back lit or full sun, or overcast or indoors.. Those lighting situations will come and we will talk about that in a different lesson..

But to just START, I want you to ONLY shoot in open shade!

bride and groom in good light on wedding day

What is open shade?

Open shade is when YOU and YOUR CLIENT are BOTH in SHADE. BUT when you look up you have access to the SKY!

This is not shade underneath a tree, or building. This is shade that is created from a tree or building.. but the KEY is that when your client looks up, they can see the blue sky overhead!

So wait for learning the other lighting situations for now.. and just MASTER the open shade light! You will find your images will be consistent, and easy to edit! You will also find that its MUCH EASIER TO FIND open shade because you will only have a few options to choose from when you go location scouting!

Narrow it down to JUST shooting in open shade so you can focus on your camera settings and getting it perfect in camera!

brittany bruce photographer and educator behind the scenes

You got this! And if you want to learn Four Steps to FIND Open Shade click HERE!

And thats it my friends!!! I hope this helps!!

And if you haven’t already, join our FREE Brittany Bruce Education Group so you can ask questions and become a part of our awesome community!



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