Brittany Bruce


January 13-15, 2020
 in Watson, Louisiana

Alright y’all!
The Brittany Bruce Workshop
is happening again!

This is a TWO 1/2 day masterclass is created with YOU in mind!

I will be teaching you everything from creating a profitable business, to building a brand that people love, from posing, to flash, to giving you ALL of my tools and templates that have helped me
stand out in the so called "saturated market!"

I am so stinkin excited to share with you the things that have skyrocketed my business forward, and the experience I give that has created the brand that I have today!!

I am also super pumped to not only teach you everything I know, but to also shoot a beautiful couple
along side of you during a styled shoot, give you beautiful head shots for you to take home to
elevate your website and social media, as well as create this community of photographers that
you can learn from and grow with for the rest of your photography journey! 


January 13-15, 2020 at my home in Watson, Louisiana

is this workshop for you?

a few ways to know if this workshop is the right fit for you!

- You already shoot in manual mode.
- You need help setting goals.
- You want to create action steps to bring your business to the next level. 
- You are in your 1st-3rd year of business.
- You aren't sure how to niche down your photography with your passion. 
- You need tools to help you get over fears and how to create confidence. 
- You are looking for a community of photographers to learn from and help you grow.
- You struggle with flash photography.
- You have no idea how to market yourself.
- You need desperate help with pricing for profit.  
- You struggle with posing and getting authentic emotion.
- You want to create systems in your business to help you grow. 
- You want to practice creating flat lays for your website and social media. 
- You need help branding your business.
- You have been dying to attend an in-person workshop
- You feel like you can't find your ideal clients.
- You are in desperate need of new professional and on-brand head shots
- You're ready to get your life back!


Monday Night




Head shots

Meet and Greet Dinner


Doors open and breakfast


Module 1: Branding


Lunch and Q&A

12:30- 4:00

Module 2: Business 


Doors open and breakfast


Module 1: Posing


Lunch and Q&A


Module 2: Natural Flash


Styled Shoot 


Rachael B Photography
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

For anyone wondering if they need The Brittany Bruce Workshop,
the answer is YES!!!
 I seriously have learned SO. DANG. MUCH. in the last 3 days. On Monday, we met and got to know everyone (over chips & queso... YUM!) and then headed to our styled shoot. We got to see first hand how Brittany handles an engagement shoot & all the posing techniques behind the authentic pictures she gets. On Tuesday, we dug deep into our goals and figured out our "whys".. why do you want to be a photographer, what can make you stand out from other photographers in the industry, how to overcome fears to gain confidence, and what it means to brand yourself to create an experience for your client that is like none other! On Wednesday, we tackled pricing, game-changing systems, the *oh so scary* flash (and I can honestly say I feel comfortable tackling a low lighting situation now that I understand this), posing techniques for individuals, couples, and groups, editing, AND how to style flat lays.

I cannot say enough how grateful I am that I found Brittany earlier this year and every bit of education I have received from her has been life-changing!
 I can't wait to grow my business even more with all the strategies and knowledge I gained in this workshop.
Trust me... and sign up for the next one!
It is worth every penny and you won't regret it!!! <3 <3

Brittany Ashlyn Photography
Wedding and Senior Photographer

The Brittany Bruce Workshop was incredible!!
 This workshop is one of the best investments that I have made for my business so far.
I am in my third year as a photographer, and I feel as if I have gained so much experience just by attending the BB workshop.
Brittany welcomed us into her home and made us feel like family. She provided an atmosphere where it felt completely safe to share dreams, fears, and all insecurities.
She gave SOOO much information and tools to help me give my clients a better experience, make me feel more confident, and literally save so much time and energy in my workflow.
She not only showed me what the next steps in my business should be, but also how to get to that next level with action steps.
She delivered the content in the simplest way and made it so easy to understand.
 I feel like I had so many light bulb moments while attending! Brittany teaches with her heart full of passion and encouragement. Sign up for her next workshop, you WILL NOT regret it!

Katie Stephens Photography
Family Photographer

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the #brittanybruceworkshop!!!
Day 1 was a lot of “goal digging”...determining our “why” and a lot of soul searching in the mix.
Y’all, I set out to do this workshop to better myself for wedding photography but during all the soul searching, I realized my true passion that fits into my “why” is Newborn/Child/Family photography...and guess what...
I STILL learned more than I ever could have imagined to take my business next level!!! 
 I just want to encourage whoever is reading this to consider the next workshop EVEN IF your passion is not wedding photography!!!
It will take your business next level and give you #allthethings to better yourself as a photographer in general.
Brittany is such an amazing person and her heart and passion lies in pouring into others.
If you have the opportunity to learn from her....TAKE IT!!! You will not regret it!!! The community of photographers I also got to learn with is a resource in itself!!!
Thank you Brittany Bruce for being you!!
I’ll forever be grateful to know you and learn from you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

"There is nothing like this... anywhere"


To make sure I keep this a really intimate and close knit workshop, only SIX seats are available.

My workshops typically sell out in days, so make sure you contact me as soon as possible to
reserve your seat on my couch!

Eary bird price: $997
Regular price: $1297
Deposit: $350

6 month payment plans available

so are you in?

I know you have a ton to think about!
But just know, that if you are reading this, you have already made a HUGE step in
taking your business to the next level!
And I’m proud of you!
So if you ARE ready!

Fill out the form below to get in touch!
Only SIX seats available and the early bird price will be dropped soon!

Haleigh Hunt Photography
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I had an AMAZING experience yet again with Brittany and her educational resources!
 I have pretty much learned all things photography from her.
This class is wonderful for all types of photographers, not just wedding photography!
 I have gained a whole new confidence that has set my soul ON FIRE and I have gotten an overwhelming amount of inquiries (in a great way) just by letting the world know I invested in my education, again!
You will not regret learning from Brittany ❤️